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Programming Scanners


Scanner Master’s programming services are an affordable way to receive a customized, pre-programmed scanner right out-of-the-box. Whether you would like your scanner to receive communications locally or throughout the country as you travel, Scanner Master is your one-stop-shop for police scanners customized for your needs, even if you did not purchase the scanner from Scanner Master.

Our experts offer a complete programming solution to our customers. Radio programming includes all frequencies for each county selected, alpha tag descriptions, trunking systems, talkgroup IDs, and PL tone codes for radios that accept these parameters for no additional charge.

Want a new scanner and already know which one?
Whether you're new to scanners or you're purchasing a scanner as a gift, or you wish to purchase a more advanced scanner for yourself, programming a scanner can be a daunting task for all but the most patient and software-literate people. Scanners must be programmed to receive the radio frequencies, and radio systems, in your area. Once programmed scanners are fascinating and fun to use, but it's this initial set-up that takes some work. Order today and get your scanner professionally programmed. Click here to see all your options for purchasing a new scanner.

Want a new scanner but need help finding the right one?
Let our sister site make finding the right scanner for your needs fast and easy! Once you've chosen the right one it brings you right back to our site.

Already own a scanner and want help programming?
Mail it in and let Scanner Master program it for you!* Click here to see all your options for purchasing programming for you pre-owned scanner.

Already own a scanner and want to program it yourself?
Let Scanner Master make it easy with all the softwarecables, and accessories you need to do-it-yourself!

Need help upgrading your scanner firmware?
Click here to see all your options for getting help with your scanner firmware.

Did you mess up the programming? Or no longer receive what you or we have programmed?
Click here to see all our HomeTown Programming options for getting help with correcting mistakes.

For more information on programming, visit the following page:
Programming Your Scanner

Scanner Programming and Set-up & Optimize Times
Please allow for 5-10 business days on average for this service. Often we are able to move the programming up to 2 to 3 business days, but the amount of time needed depends on the volume of programming orders that come in at any given time. Around holidays, particularly Christmas, lead times can sometimes extend slightly further.

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