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Scanner Master Corporation
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Scanner Master was formed in 1978 and since that time has been producing the nation's most comprehensive communications guidebooks including Scanner Master regional volumes and Monitor America. Richard Barnett of Scanner Master also edited Police Call, the 7-volume regional frequency guide series that went out of production in 2005.

For the past 25 years, Scanner Master has been a consultant to the scanner-radio industry. We participated in the design and development of the industry's first trunktracking scanner, the Bearcat 235, as well as many later models.

As the industry's leading scanner consultant, no dealer or distributor is more knowledgeable about scanner functionality and operation. No dealer is more qualified to assist you with the programming of your scanner, a service which we now offer for a fee.

Scanner Master is also the North American distributor for BuTel's ARC (Advanced Radio Control) scanner software, the finest and most popular scanner software sold worldwide today. Scanner Master is also the North American distributor for a line of Czech-built scanner accessories including filters and pre-amplifiers.

Scanner Master can also work with you to develop customized monitoring systems. Applications include dispatch centers, news gathering organizations and remote monitoring stations. We have recently worked with the Miami Herald and Metro Traffic Control on such custom installation and programming. Scanner Master and its affiliated companies are currently developing sophisticated monitoring solutions and accessories, both software and hardware-based. Check our scrolling news, our What's New section as well as our Scanner Store for details.

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Scanner Master Corporation
215 Hopping Brook Road, Suite 2
Holliston, MA 01746

You can buy online with our secure system, over the phone, via fax, or through the mail by check or money order (sorry, no C.O.D's).

You can also purchase in person at our office by appointment only. Because we do not have a regular retail store, we do require that you call before coming to our office to make sure that someone will be available to help you.

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