Programming Scanners

A great place to start is right in the scanner box, where a user manual is included. Or you can search the web for blogs or other online resources for help. Uniden also has a customer support phone number (1-800-297-1023).

However, as scanner technology advances to keep up with new communications systems, scanners have become increasingly complex to set-up and program. Scanner Master is the nation's leader in scanner programming, relying on our nearly 30 years of experience in reporting on the nation's communications systems. To learn the cost of our programming either a scanner you already own or a scanner you wish to buy, use the Choose A Scanner link on this site to determine the scanner for your area. Pricing depends on the scanner type, the number of agencies you want programmed and the complexity of the radio systems in your area. Generally we program police/sheriff, fire and EMS unless otherwise requested. Programming generally takes one to two weeks as we often have many radios to program at one time and programming can be a very time consuming process.

Scanner Master offers programming services for scanners purchased direct from us or for scanners that you already own. Programming may include research into your local frequencies and trunking systems, conversations with you about what you would like programmed, and then the actual programming of the radio complete with frequencies, alpha tag descriptions, trunking systems, talkgroup IDs and PL tone codes (for radios that accept these parameters). Low-end radios without these features can be programmed more quickly and inexpensively. Either way the radio will be ready-to-go when you receive it. The cost for the service is based on radio used, the number of frequencies and systems being programmed, and the amount of frequency research needed.

This service is for those who do not have the time to program the scanner for their area, or for those buying the scanner as a gift and who want the radio to work as soon as their friend or loved-one turns the radio on. The service is particularly worthwhile for those who do not feel up to the technical challenge of determining the correct frequencies and understanding and programming trunked and other advanced radio systems. The great thing about having Scanner Master do the work is that once the radio is programmed properly you may never have to touch or worry about programming again.

Note: For those who already have their advanced scanner and a copy of ARC software, Scanner Master can create an ARC data file and e-mail it for programming so that you don't need to send your scanner in to have the work done.

Some people say that programming shouldn't have to cost very much. But to do it right the first time you want it properly researched and the frequencies properly entered -- specifically for the area that you want to listen to. You don't want a general dump of frequencies for your area that's entered without any thought or check for accuracy. You want a company that stands by its work. Have your programming done by Scanner Master and have it done right by the people who write the book on public safety communications.

Use the Choose A Scanner link on this site to find the right scanner for you and your area.

For basic scanners, such as the BC-60, 80, 72, 92, 150, 180 and SC-200 handhelds, and the BC-244, 248, 278 and 350 desktop models, programming is easy and almost everyone can do it themselves, especially if they have a local frequency guide with the channels for their area. Some frequencies can be found on the Internet as well. If you still wish Scanner Master to program your local police and fire department frequencies, for a low price, so long as standard "analog" frequencies are used. To monitor the advanced communication systems of many cities and counties however you must have an advanced scanner.

Again, some police and fire departments operate on very advanced trunking and/or digital radio systems. If this is the case you will need a more advanced, and expensive, scanner. If you're not technically inclined or interested in spending some time learning how to program the scanner for these systems, contact us at the number or e-mail address listed above and we'll be glad to help.